Is your car in need of a little pick-me-up? Sani-Tec offers a complete line of specialty cleaning and auto-finishing products to rejuvenate your ride: wax, polishing compounds, polymers, sealants, varnish, lacquer, industrial soaps and grease removers, detergent, solvent, primer, paints and dyes, finish protector, safety goggles, gloves and masks, brake, carburetor and choker cleaners, seat, carpet and dashboard cleaners, tough hand cleaners and creams, antiseptic gels, wheel-balancing scales, tire wrap, acids, etc. Through our many suppliers, we can meet your every need – whether it’s giving your paint job a face-lift, finishing and maintenance, or simply cleaning your car from top to bottom, we can make it happen! We also offer a wide range of eco-friendly and biodegradable options which are highly concentrated to provide high performance cleaning to rival any chemical equivalent. In addition, we are the exclusive distributor of AutoMagic products in Quebec, in parts of Ontario and offer regional dealers to better serve your needs.